November 6, 2013

Pulikali @ Thrissur during Onam

Pulikali (Play of Tigers) is a colorful recreational folk art evolved in the state of Kerala. Pulikali processions happen during Onam celebrations across various parts of the state. The most famous of it happens in Thrissure City on the fourth Onam day which attracts more than 30000 viewers every year.

pulikali onam thrissur

The performers painted like tigers & hunters dance to the beats of traditional instruments like Udukku & Thakil revolve around the theme of tiger hunting. The striking feature of this art is the colorful appearance of the performers. It takes 7-8 hours to prepare each performer. A combination of tempera powder and varnish or enamel will be used to make the paint. Highly skilled artists will work continuously to prepare each performer in each group to perfection. Along with tigers there will be few hunters also present. All of the art works feel so lively that kids might get scared by seeing them perform hunting.

Watch the events calender for the next Pulikali Event.

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