November 22, 2013

Athirappilly Falls - The most beautiful Waterfall in Kerala

Rightly called the "Niagara of India" Athirappilly (Athirapally) Falls is located around 75 km north east of Kochi. The 145 km Chalakkudy river originating in the Anamudi mountain of the Western Ghats and flows through the Vazhachal forest towards Arabian Sea. At Athirappilly falls water surges around big rocks and cascades in 3 separate plumes. You will start feeling the green environment and forest the moment you take turn to the Athirapally road from Chalakkudy on National Highway 47.

The falls and the surrounding are are natural, its one of its kind riparian ecosystems in kerala and is the second most bio diverse area in the state. The only artificial creation in the area is the stone pavings for trekking towards the falls.
On the way to Athirappilly from Chalakkudi

 water falls Athirapally
First sight of the Falls from the road

Walk around 10 mins from the Entrance you reach the river flowing past the rocks and trees. You find little children playing in the river and a few steps ahead the water goes down more than 80 ft. Trek another 20 minutes down the hill you reach under the falls. Its quite a long descent to the foot of the falls, but certainly worth the effort. If you have difficulty in walking and climbing or if you have toddlers, you better avoid the second part. Its more likely that you will end up carrying your kids back while climbing back. Its a sure bet that any effort you put for it will surely pay back. No wonder the sight has been a favourite location for so many movies in various languages in India.

A better view of the falls near the ticket counter and Information center

If one is on a holiday to Kerala a Visit to the Athirapally Falls is a must watch for all those who love the magnificence of nature. Ideal season for visiting the falls is during Monsoon (June - Sep), try to avoid those crazy raining and land sliding days. Monsoon is the only time you see the complete stretch of Falls with water falling down. There are many treks around the hill area to explore the falls. During monsoon the trek turns slippery and filled with little frogs jumping here and there.

athirappilly waterfalls photo
 View from the top of the falls

near athirappilly waterfalls, best view
View from the bottom of the falls

It takes only less than a day to cover the falls, but if you really want to immerse fully into it stay at a resort, preferably a place where you can hear the sound of the fall to fill your soul with freshness. As the visiting time to the falls is only from 9:00 Am to 5:00 PM, the only chance to view the falls during Sunset and sunrise would be from a resort or from a trek path.

athirappilly waterfalls, niagara of india, best view
Sun rise at the falls

Visiting Season : Jun - Sep
Visiting time : 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Nearest Major Railway Station : Thrissur (60 Kms)
Nearest Airport : Cochin International Airport (50 Km)


  1. those were nice pics and also good that you mentioned the spot for those views. That helps

    1. You are right Anonymous! The images are very nice and really helpful those who want to go there. Athirappilly Falls is the most beautiful fall of India. The blog writers have shared enough information about this fall. I recently came back tourist bus new York tour with my friends. This fall sounds like an amazing. After reading this blog I want to there in the next month.