January 1, 2014

Whom to contact in the case of distress? Kerala Police Tourist Alert Service

Kerala Tourist Alert: 9846 300 100
Kerala Highway Police: 9846 100 100

A large number of Tourists visit Kerala every year from various parts of India and abroad. The flow of Tourists is going up every year. Providing a sense of security to Tourists is one of the prime responsibilities of the Government, which will go a long way in improving the Tourism Sector and inflow of Tourists. One of the main problems that a Tourist in Kerala faces is “Whom to contact in the case of distress, and how to contact?”.

Considering the above aspects, our proposal for the implementation of a new system namely Tourist Alert Service, aimed at promptly attending the calls of Tourists at different Tourist locations, has already been approved by the Government. The “Tourist Alert Service” will be an additional service fully dedicated to the Tourists and will also use the help of Highway Police Patrols/ Flying Squads operating round-the-clock. In this system, a telephone number 9846 300 100 will be publicised, and any Tourist can contact this number (to be manned by Police) and seek guidance/assistance, which will be promptly provided.

Nearest Police station
Crime Stopper
Women HelplineWomen Helpline
Highway Alert
9846 100 100
Rail Alert
9846 200 100
SMS Centre
9497 900 000
child lineChild Line