May 11, 2014

KTDC Water Scapes Resort Kumarakom

When one of my friend mentioned about this KTDC (Kerala Tourism Development Corporation) resort, I wasn't really sure about staying here for a night. We Indians have a negative attitude towards any Govt run institution mainly because the service levels are always below standards.

But I must say that Water Scapes resort at Kumarakom was surprisingly well maintained for a government run resort. They have the lowest fair (40 - 50% less) in the locality, which gives a feeling of insecurity while booking. But the place is so close to nature, well designed and well kept.

The restaurant built over a water body gives a good view of the water and house boats. The quality of the food served here was also very good and the complementary break fast provided was one of the best I have seen in this segment.

Santhigiri Ayurvedic Spa is also available in the facility and is also very affordable compared to other locations.


1) Uniquely designed huts built over water canals.
2) Best lake view you can get in Kumarakom.
3) Very close to nature, this resort is connected to the bird sanctuary.
4) A deck extending to the lake were you can enjoy the sunset and sunrise.


1) Bathrooms are not at par
2) Steps to the cottages are bit rusted, but painted to avoid any direct contact.
3) The canals inside the property are not well maintained.

The below snap shows one of the low cost resort, which itself is very good and connected closely with nature.

View of the resort from Lake. There are various boating options available for you. The resort has few small boats which you can opt for an hour or two trip in the lake.

KTDC Water Scapes Kumarakom

Watching house boats from the balcony of my cottage.

When I came out in the morning there were 100s of fishermen boats in the lake finishing their catch of the day

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