November 5, 2013

French Toast Panampilli nagar Kochi

While roaming around the streets of Panampilly nagar, we accidentally came across this cafe on Cross Road 7 just 1 block from the main road. The foodies inside us just wanted to run inside and try some of their specials.

The place is a house converted cafeteria serving Sandwiches, Pastries, cookies, toasts and variety of drinks. We wanted to try each one of the items in their menu, but how much 2 + 1 Kid could eat at 12:30 after a late heavy Breakfast. We finally settled with below items in our bill.

french toast panampilly nagar kochi1) French Omlet with Chicken Sausage & Cheese
2) Herbs Bread Chicken Sandwich with Dried tomatoes
3) Signature Black Forest
4) Ginger Fizz
5) Eclair & Macron for the Little one.

Except that the item 2 had a pinch of salt extra, all the others exceeded our expectations.

We paid Rs 780/- for 1 serving of all the above items, which I felt was not at all costly for the difficulties they must be going through to get good ingredients.

This is not a paid/sponsored review.


  1. Thanks for the info. We will visit and try. Regards - Satya

  2. Hi guys, thanks for this review. What really took me by surprise is the fact that you analyzed it objectively and understood the difficulties someone like us would go through to source the ingredients instead of dismissing it off as simply expensive, fact is about 60% of our ingredients are specifically brought to kochi only for us hence the cost per ingredient goes up drastically. Lastly regarding the herb bread oven dried tomato sandwich, the 'salt' comes from the oven dried tomatoes and green olives that we use inside them, this is something that will vary sometimes but 90% of the time we get it right. Thanks a lot - grateful owner of french toast :)