October 15, 2013

What are the attractions at Fort Kochi

We started off looking at our empty calendar for a Saturday. We surely didn't want to kill the day sitting idle looking at the greenery outside the balcony window. We finally got settled down for a day (half day) at Fort Kochi which became the single most favorite place for us in Kochi.

An area small enough to cover on foot or a bicycle, glimpses of Kochi's variegated history greet you at almost every turn in Fort Kochi. Fort Kochi (and Mattanchery) are connected to the modern Kochi (Cochin) via a complex system of ferries. You can also take the road route which goes over many bridges on your way.

More details on the history of the place can be found in Wiki.

Below are the attractions you don't want to miss

1) China fishing nets

You will not miss the China fishing nets installed over a long stretch of the water body. Its very much fun watching how he fishermen install the net and catch fish and sell in front of you live. These fishing nets are probably the most familiar element in any panoramic scenery of Kochi. They are suspended from arched poles and balanced by weights at multiple locations, requires 4-5 skilled operators to operate.

2) St Francis Church

3) Santa Cruz basilica

4) Koder House Restaurant

5) Fresh Sea Breeze along the Beach

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